FileBox is a solution for both secure file transfer and secure file storage. It provides you with the ability to securely exchange documents with people from inside your company, and with external persons.


  • file sharing between users with a FileBox account
  • sending files securely, to external persons
  • receiving files securely from external persons


  • web-based, simple to use interface
  • strong authentication using mTAN (text message token)
  • audit log of all actions
  • support for large files of up to 10 GB
  • integrated anti-virus check
  • web-service and file-based interfaces
  • additional Windows client and iPhone app
  • integrated user and group mangement
  • fine-grained access rights
  • LDAP integration
  • multitenancy capability
  • customer-specific branding

Deployment Options

    • Hosting: installation operated by Compass Security, "as a service".
    • Appliance: installation in customer's premises.

    Further information

    Receive CHF 1'700, resp. € 1'390 reduction until December 21, 2018:

    • the setup costs for FileBox Hosting Shared worth CHF 500 / € 400
    • and an additional 25 %  reduction on the first year license costs worth CHF 1'200 /
      € 990)

    Are you interested? Please kindly contact our account manager
    Gian-Paul Civelli, 


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