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Penetration Tests

In the role of the hacker, we test devices, networks, services and applications as well as the behavior of employees. We uncover vulnerabilities and provide you with recommendations on how to fix them. » read more

Security Reviews

Experienced IT analysts support you with a second opinion on security concepts and if requested, test the structure, configuration, and source code of your solution. » read more

Red Teaming

We go after your critical assets like an adversary would do and aim to fulfil pre-defined missions. It is the goal of red teaming to measure and improve your organization's detection and response capabilities. » read more

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Our experts help in coordinating incident and emergency measures as well as with the processing of data for use in court. Additionally, we provide quick and accessible research into the cause of incidents. » read more


FileBox is a solution for both secure file transfer and secure file storage. It provides you with the ability to securely exchange documents. » read more


Hacking-Lab is an online ethical hacking, computer network and security challenge platform, dedicated to finding and educating cyber security talents. » read more


Benefit from our analysts' knowledge of penetration testing, network analysis, digital forensics, secure mobile apps, and other applications, or choose to receive training in our specially created lab. » read more


The 42nd edition of the WFU Top Event is subtitled "Industry 4.0: An easy game for hackers". Ivan Bütler shows if it really is that bad.

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In this seminar (in German) you develop an in-depth understanding of the security of modern, distributed web application and associated technologies.

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In the 2-day course (in German) from June 15/16, 2021, you will learn about the most important security problems of mobile apps (iPhone/Android).

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What are the consequences of a cyber attack on your SME? An affected CEO describes his experiences in the latest webcast of ZKB Zürcher Kantonalbank.

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Lukasz D. identified a "Privilege Escalation" vulnerability in the “Amaze File Manager” app for Android.

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Thierry Viaccoz, Sylvain Heiniger and Fabio Poloni identified several vulnerabilities in the AdRem NetCrunch monitoring solution.

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A post on how to trick browsers to work as a gateway to internal web servers and IoT devices, the concepts behind and how to easily exploit DNS…

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Fighting cybercrime is one of the reason Switch announced to publish the .ch zone. Switzerland has a law on Open-Government-Data-Strategy that follows…

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