National Cyber Risk Exchange Event

This cyber security (online) event combines different aspects: cyber risk regulations, national security, future cyber risk, best practices, hacking, protection etc.


The first joint national cyber security event is organized by SIX, Swiss Risk Association (SRA) and Swiss Finance Institute (SFI).

Established leaders present emerging and evolving risk topics, engage in a panel discussion, and answer questions from the audience.



  • Regulatory View on Cyber Security
  • Current Hot Issues on Cyber Security
  • Current Best Practice
  • Bitcoin Manipulation and Wash Trading
  • Being Hacked! Fireside Chat
  • Hacking Swiss Banks - The financial industry was one of the first which had to deal with cyber attacks. This is why banks take IT security very seriously. They have been investing a lot of money for years.

    Ivano Somaini, regional manager at Compass Security, shows some more aspects, besides the technical factors, that banks have to pay attention to.



This is a free public online event.  It takes place on November 23, 2020 and starts at 5.30 p.m.

Registration is processed by: 

Swiss Risk Association
Swiss Finance Institute