5. Digital Real Estate Summit 2019

The place to meet the digital real estate industry.

The Digital Real Estate Summit is the platform for all players in the real estate industry who see the digital world as an opportunity and want to open up new business opportunities or develop existing ones.

The participants are offered a varied programme:

  • Exciting keynotes
  • Interesting talks (parallel sessions) about:
    • Digital Top 10 Switzerland
    • Blockchain & Security
    • IoT & Open Data
    • Markets & Trends


In the exhibition area, companies, universities and research institutions present new digital technologies and applications.

Visit us at our booth!

We will show how to exchange confidential information and sensitive data easily and securely.


Another highlight are the pre-events in the morning. Become active and dive into the digital world!

Hacker Workshop

In the workshop of Compass co-founder Ivan Bütler you will deal with the methods of hackers. Only those who understand these can initiate adequate countermeasures. Change sides and learn how hackers and cybercriminals proceed. You can see where the weak points of your devices, networks, services or applications are to be located.

Note: A separate registration is required to participate in the workshops.


Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Location: Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Brugg-Windisch / Campussaal


Find out more about the Digital Real Estate Summit 2019 and register today!





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